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Microgeneration strategy
consultation published
Following a collaborative consultation process the Government has published a consultation document on a Microgeneration Strategy (pdf 3Mb]. This consultation document explores a range of non-financial barriers that have the potential to prevent the microgeneration sector from realising its full potential. It summarises the issues, presents the evidence, makes specific proposals and seeks responses to a range of questions. The Government will aim to publish the final Microgeneration Strategy in Spring 2011. Consultation closes on March 16th 2011.
Warm Front eligibility consultation
This consultation seeks views on: Proposed changes to the Warm Front scheme eligibility criteria and how it is referred to in the Fuel Poverty Strategy, paragraph 4.51. The consultation is aimed at fuel poverty stakeholders, consumer groups and organisations representing the interests of households at risk of fuel poverty....pdf Consultation closes on February 9th 2011.